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  • Naveen Manwani

    Naveen Manwani

    A Machine Learning Engineer, a Deep learning enthusiast |Mentor @ Coursera deeplearning.ai

  • Ketan Doshi

    Ketan Doshi

    Machine Learning and Big Data

  • Mohammed Abdoolcarim

    Mohammed Abdoolcarim

    Stanford Product Design. Product at Google, Siri and Apple.

  • Hitesh Tripathi

    Hitesh Tripathi

    Statistician | Analyst | Technology Enthusiast | Pantheist | Explorer |

  • Usha Rengaraju

    Usha Rengaraju

    Principal Data Scientist | Ambassador at AIMed | Bengaluru WiMLDS chapter Lead | Founder WiMLDS Mysore |Autism Self-Advocate |Founder of NeuroAI(neurai.in)

  • Arc


    Machine Learning | Python

  • Rani Horev

    Rani Horev

    Learn something new every day. Currently Deep Learning :)

  • Thushan Ganegedara

    Thushan Ganegedara

    Author (Manning/Packt) | DataCamp instructor | Senior Data Scientist @ QBE | PhD. Youtube: @DeepLearningHero Twitter:@thush89, LinkedIN: thushan.ganegedara

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